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You watched The Professionals for the hooligan driving of the pouting duo, Bodie and Doyle. Their tools were Ford's Escort RS2000 and Capri 3.0s. Now that the Capri is wearing a shirt and tie and calling itself a Probe, would Bodie be seen sideways in it ?

Lewis Collins, who played Bodie during the four years of filming thinks not."How would it look with a few boot imprints in the bonnet?" he demands. "it's too good for an action knock about car" and he should know, Collins didn't rely on stunt drivers. Infact the only time he wasn't behind the Capri's wheel was when the villains shot out the windscreen.

A 900cc Ducati motorbike is Lewis's prefered wheels, but that didn't stop him going for a spin (not literally) in the Probe. This exercises my private pilots Licence more than the Capri. It feels like i'm flying a fighter plane and the seat's going to eject. That would make a nice shot for the series !"

Does Collins think the airbags too sensible. "Not at my age, but the thing would be popping off all the time in the series -the amount of things we used to hit". The Probes front-wheel drive wouldn't be a problem. "slide it round and power off and you'd be alright" he says gruffly..

Like Ford, Collins sees a different role for the new Capri. In his vision for a Professionals '94' Bodie steps into Cowley's shoes as mentor for two new reckless disciples. And he'd drive the new Probe as it "carries the flavour of executive action man". He's put the idea to LWT which produced the original series. They're not interested.

Think again LWT- We'll even give you the direct line of Ford's product placement man. "i'd be happy if Ford gave me a Probe for my entire life" says Lewis.

All quotes come from Lewis.

Having made two images using the same technique it's only fair that i post both....please feel free to pass me by.

Sorry i know i was meant to be vanishing for a while but there is no greater feeling than this and i want to celebrate the day away, i am so proud of my Liverpool team and this morning is feeling WONDERFUL.... NEVER GIVE UP, You'll Never Walk Alone xx

Another champions League Final.
I ceased being an idiot on here a few days ago and now it's time for a serious rethink. I have started to remove those who never stayed intouch so i'm sorry if that's you it was nothing personal but i did stress this a while back and please feel free to unfriend me in the meantime. If i ever do return to Lj and end up with only 4 or 5 people on my friends list then atleast i know they were genuinely interested in what i had to say/post.It took a lot of effort and dedication to keep those images going every day (after being asked to carry on by a number of people) and then it feels like i have been left to carry on with a limited number of interest. Well i am sorry but i feel i must leave you to it. I hope that you enjoyed each image and i am most thankful for each comment that i received. So the only thing left for me to do is wish you goodbye and thankyou.



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