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I have sat and thought about this since yesterday and i am not going to be on here very much anymore. I apologise to Boothros if i upset her and for the unfriending part to anyone for that i am sorry and yes i got that part wrong but i am not going to apologise for wanting to talk to someone even if they are reluctant to talk to me back. I am not going to friend lock this because there is no point. What hurts me the most is the comments that were left and how quick you were to judge the other person without knowing what was actually said in what should have been a private discussion and then to go on and discuss it further on facebook is something that i can't comprehend. So there is only one thing left to say and that is thankyou for any comments on anything that i have posted and goodbye.


Oct. 23rd, 2018 10:28 am (UTC)
Thankyou so much and I'm glad that you have enjoyed looking at each and every one of them.

I haven't decided yet on what my lj future will be but what I do know is that what was said really hurt and that has certainly dented my confidence.



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