ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

time for an update

I don't usually write in my journal, it's kept mainly for posting images but i feel an update is over due. I am now in a more happier state of mind after having a slight wobble these past few weeks , life is looking brighter again though i must admit i don't branch out any further than my journal (best that i stay here i think) there have been recent visits to York and Liverpool. York was lovely and bustling and everything you could want from such an historic city (but don't mention the car parking prices ....phew)

I have been doing a rerun of all The Professionals episodes, trying to watch one a day and i'm about to start the final box set but took a day off today to watch the gorgeous Lewis working his magic in this instead.

and the countdown to the new football season is only three weeks away, so yeah, lots to look forward to and now i am away to carry on with my bidding on ebay.

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