ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

my holiday snaps

So this year we went to Devon for our holidays to a place called bigbury-on-sea which isn't far from Plymouth and this was our beach looking back from on top of the cliffs
From there you can walk over to an island called " burgh island " when the tide is out and this was the location for the adaption of Agatha Christies evil under the sun which included this famous hotel
This hotel has housed the likes of Winston Churchill, Noel coward and Edward and Mrs Simpson and the island remains untouched as it only consists of the one hotel and one pub which does mean a lot of waiting in line if you want a drink
We also visited a place called slapton sands where we found a Sherman tank that had been brought to the surface from the sea bed in 1974 and they state that as soon as it was brought up and touched the sands it roared back to life after all those years submerged.
And this is the beach at slapton

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