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I won this magazine the other day because inside is a story written by Brian Clemens based around the episode "Black Out" though some parts have been changed .This is the story as it is written in the magazine

The vicar saw her first. Facing the congregation and the doors as he did he was bound to. The choir was in good voice. The sound of Praise My Soul bounced and reverbarated and shook the stained glass windows of St. Annes Church and the girl entered and walked down the aisle towards the altar, but she wasn't seeing it, she didn't seem to be aware of anything or anyone around her as she stumbled forward, her eyes glazed.
Of course being sunday the rest of the congregation were all dressed in their best smart suits, sensible shirts, pretty hats. The girl wore only a bra and pink panties. The vicar stared in astonishment, the choir faltered away into silence as the girl swayed, held out her hands as though in supplication, and then collapsed across the end pew.

This is the first paragraph just to give you a taster and some fabulous artwork.


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