ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

PROS WATCH ...FUGITIVE (i hope you don't mind)

I opted to watch another episode and i hope you don't mind but this one i would much prefer to point out some of my favourite scenes . My first starts with a Bodie whose chest is on display for all to see (likes very much) and heaving while trying to explain himself to Mr Cowley and then on to Doyle who is very much a figure of concentration.

We then have the three of them looking in serious mode which then leads me on to Bodie playing menacingly with a dagger while looking ever so gorgeous leaning next to his cuba libre cocktail.

What can i say but Doyle in his maroon coloured shirt looking ever so worried about his now missing partner.

My favourite scene of any pros episode ever ever ever is when Bodie pulls on those ropes ...omg

and then the look says it all

Doyle and Mr Cowley look on in bewilderment and then the lads return through the hazy fog to be reunited once more.

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