ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

On to another year

2016 is nearly at an end and looking back for me it was a year that was pretty ordinary as far as years go .My favourite watched film of the year was "The Conjuring 2". I still love my beloved Liverpool Football Club and continue to go to Anfield whenever I can . Liverpool still remains the city where I go to shop and visit with lots of Lewis reminders around every corner. The Professionals will always be my most watched programme and that will never change .My most read fic for this year was "October" by Rowan because this for me is the lads pulling together as a partnership and remaining loyal as one side of the partnership pleads for help and this image will always remain my most favourite of Lewis and I love to look at it every time I see it in my gallery . So I wish you all a Happy New Year and peace to each and every one of you .


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