ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

what a wonderful day

Today we went shopping in Liverpool , mostly it was centred around Liverpool one which is Liverpool's main shopping area with all the big name branded shops based together but first it was a visit to Lews's former place of work (just because i felt like it) and then on past the shop that used to display his picture in the window (you all know the one when he was little). A quick bite to eat at burger king and onto HMV and then just around the corner we decided to call in for a quick drink at the Cavern Club. I have never actually been inside it only past it. What an experience and then OMG to actually see pics of all the bands that played there and i'm sure i caught a glimpse of a picture of a young Lewis but there is so much to take in and aaaaggghhh i hadn't got my phone with me having left it on charge at home (and no i don't usually drink in the daytime) and then finally it was on to the Liverpool f.c shop to buy a pair of Liverpool slippers and home again and a good day was had by me .

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