ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

remembering April 15th

April 15th will soon be upon us once again , in fact its twenty five years ago this time and I still remember that day as clear as anything because I went to watch Liverpool play a football match in Sheffield and came back a changed person. Oh I'm still the Alison who likes a laugh and a joke , and I'm still the Alison who will rave all day about Lew if you'll let her, but I'm also more sensitive and get upset more easily. I remember walking away from the scene of the crush and standing frozen on a set of concrete steps because people were lying dead or injured at my feet , then walking across a car park to be met by a dozen dead bodies covered with just a coat or a blanket and looking at their shoes to hope that that one pair of shoes doesn't belong to my dad, then standing outside the ground for what felt like hours in fact it must have been an hour to finally hear *Alison" and see my dad walking towards me. Then we set off back to were the coaches were parked and I remember a police car with a loud speaker asking the local people to please stay off their phones , then I spotted a house with people queing outside and they were letting you phone home and then I remember putting whatever money I had on me at the time onto a mound of coins on this table in their lounge. Then we eventually got home to find my dad had broken his ribs and had no skin left on his shins because people were scraping against your legs in a desperate attempt to stay up because if you went down you weren't getting back up again .then in the days after I remember being in Liverpool and if you wanted comfort there was always somebody to put their arms around you.

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