January 16th, 2018

me, my journal and not part of any pros meme

My world of Pros and what i have been up to. Well for the first time in ages i posted to The Safehouse then i remembered why i don't post there anymore and deleted it.I have been reading the zine House of Cards and have gone straight back to read it again because.....it's such a powerful story i hoped i hadn't missed anything (a story and a vision that will stay with me forever)

My Lewis challenge is still on going but that will soon be nearing the finish line and i'm watching the reruns on itv4 , yes i know poor quality and all that but if Lew is on the tv then i'm gonna watch him, infact todays episode is on as i'm writing this (need to know) and i have been busy buying Three new pros t shirts and lots of lovely Lewis goodies on ebay, and there you have it my pros world all wrapped up.