August 7th, 2017

#182......"LEWIS COLLINS"

Nine pm yesterday evening and i'm sat on the couch, glass of wine in one hand and the tv remote in the other. Flicking through the channels because there was absolutely naff all on the tv when all of a sudden on one channel a car comes smashing through a glass window and a gorgeous looking man appears running along side a car park, my attention is now on high alert. The next scene grabs my attention and the wine glass is now abandoned on the floor.

Suddenly there is something worth watching on the tv. The programme was "It was alright in the 70's" and the theme was violence and sex and this clip was shown to viewers from the 70's and todays audience , their reaction being "OH MY GOD WHAT'S HE DOING" and my reaction being "OH MY GOD HOW FIT IS HE" . Lewis's character took the backlash and no this would not be allowed on tv today ...who cares , sit back and enjoy the view.