January 15th, 2016


Yesterday i sat watching the episode "stakeout" and i started to think back to how this one prgramme would stay with me forever. In 1977 i was eight years old (oh dear that gives my age away now) and i don't recall The Professionals being advertised but i knew there was something special about to hit our tv screens. I remember asking my mum and then pleading with my mum to stay up and watch this show but the answer was no , it was on too late for me to watch it so i missed out on the first series. I finally got my own way a year later and i remember my first ever episode that i watched was Hunter Hunted . I was hooked from then on and i knew this show would stay with me forever but even more was this one man . He was tall , dark and utterly gorgeous and will always have a special place in my heart and he was always going to be my favourite . Bodie and The Professionals will always be in my eyes "simply the best".