ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

i spent yesterday binge watching an old favourite of mine, "Auf Wiedersehen Pet". For non Brits this tv series is about a group of out of work builders who go to Germany to find work on a German building site and their antics while over there, fast forward to the second series and the group fly out to spain to work on local villain Ally Fraser's Villa. So the second series is where i am up to and what a lovely surprise when some of the lads end up in a bar owned by a wanted Brit living in exile, the walls of this pub are adorned with signed photos of british stars and look what the camera kept zooming in on........

this is the bunch from the first series.

and another pros connection, Christopher Fairbank "Moxey" in this series (dressed all in white at the front of the photo) played "Billy" in the episode "The Purging Of CI5"

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