ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

Help wanted. It's not the story that i am having trouble with, it's the title (i am shocking with remembering such things) the story goes as follows:- Bodie and Doyle plus more ci5 agents are in a warehouse when Bodie is shot in the hip/side and Doyle is left to do the chasing, the chase is over only after Doyle knocks himself unconscious. They then return to Bodie's flat but Doyle insists on staying with Bodie until he gets called back to HQ. Doyle leaves the meeting only to be found unresponsive on the floor and Bodie then refuses to leave Doyle's hospital bedside, he gets the fright of his life when Doyle's breathing alarm is triggered and refuses to return. It's up to Sally (i think that's right) to head to Bodie's flat to bring him back to Doyle.

Thankyou for any help given.

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