ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

I am not going to start todays posting by explaining why i chose this image or that image or the reason why i chose it in the first place because i have noticed recently that there are less people who want to talk to me, people it seems prefer to press a like button rather than come and speak to me which is fair enough, busy lives etc.... but to communicate is always good. So i got to wondering if this was actually "Brexit" related. Yes i did vote leave but that doesn't in no way alter any european friendships on my behalf, those friends over the border will always remain friends, Nor am i a "racist" a "bastard" or any other name that people choose to fling around just because i see my country heading in a new direction.Yes i did know what i was voting for which is something else that i have experienced and so did more than half the population which is why we are waking up to a new Great Britain, i had my reasons for voting to leave and i stick by those reasons. I am still me, the Lewis Collins, professionals fan that i have always been and no amount of divide will change that.


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