ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

Part 5

They barely spoke during the journey although Doyle, with a grudging admiration, noted that Bodie at least seemed to trust his driving, when he took a blind bend at over 90 and only just missed the oncoming truck. Bodie did not stir in his seat. Instead he said : "You drive like you fight, pretty good."
Then a little later, he asked where they were going and Doyle replied: "To see a bit of old England - and, the new"
The brilliant halogen spotlight illuminated the castle only briefly before a machine gun chattered from one of the towers, swinging in a arc, shattering each of the lamps in turn. Cowley lay, face pressed against the damp earth in the sudden darkness. Time was running out, they only had until first light. Then the terrorists would start shooting hostages. Cowley raised himself as heard someone calling his name from the barricades.
They couldn't be more different, more unalike. That was Cowley's first though when he saw Doyle and Bodie standing by the car, Doyle slight, like a latter-day poet and Bodie, crew-cut, powerfully built with the air of a well oiled machine about him as he surveyed the scene.
"Well what do you think?"asked Cowley.
Bodie shook his head. "Nobody can get in there"
"Two men could," Cowley retorted. "The right two men."
He spread his map on the bonnet of the car, and began to trace a finger along it : "Entry here....and moves up...the other man moves down, each silently taking out opposition on the way. They meet here, in the gallery overlooking the main hall, where i'm gambling they'll be holding the majority of the hostages."
"Seems to me," said Bodie, "you're gambling all along the line."
Doyle picked up the map. "You said where - but not how."
Coeley told them, laid his outrageous scheme on the line and the two men stood and stared at him, then at each other. Finally Doyle spoke, "It might work."
"It's got to work," snapped Cowley. "It is our only chance." He looked at Bodie. "Well?"
Bodie jerked a thumb at Doyle. "He's the other man?"
Cowley nodded.
"That's ok then," said Bodie. "Now what about price?"
Bodie grinned. "You don't expect me to stick my neck out for nothing, do you?"

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