ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

Part 4

Bodie ran back across the room and, in one fluid movement, he picked up the ashtray and the girl's purse. He was just entering the bathroom when the front door burst open to Doyle's expert kick. Bodie spun round. He suddenly felt ridiculous, the ashtray in one hand, the girl's handbag in the other. Doyle moved towards him and Bodie flicked the ashtray and it's contents into Doyle's face. Following up his advantage he threw the punch that had broken a man's jaw in a Cape Town bar. It didn't break Doyle's jaw. He didn't even connect. Bodie found himself turned half around and flying through the air. He landed heavily, but rolled lightly to his feet, and walked straight into a vicious side-handed chop that jarred him down to his toes. He swayed, side stepped, then came back.
Doyle traded punch for punch, throw for throw, with Bodie "Bring him in - I don't care how" was what Cowley had said. And Doyle, on his first assignment for C.I.5, didn't mean to go back empty handed.
The girl was awake and screaming now. "Stop it! Stop it!" She pushed her body between them and for a moment both were diverted looking at her. Then Bodie drew back his fist and the girl grabbed hold of it and clung, yelling and kicking, pulling Bodie back with her.
He flung her aside, "I was only doing it for you."
She stared at him, "what do you mean?"
Bodie picked up the purse and the ashtray. "He's fuzz. I didn't want you to get busted."
"Why should i get busted?" she screamed, "I don't smoke pot. I don't smoke anything."
"Oh", Bodie scrambled to his feet and looked at Doyle. "Sorry i was mixing her up with the girl who was here the night before," and then had to duck and ward off the girl as she came at him clawing and scratching.
Bodie fended her off, all the while talking amiably to Doyle. "Just a little misunderstanding, you know how these things can escalate," and grunted as the girl broke a vase across his head.
Doyle enjoyed the spectacle for a moment, then said: "Could you save the domestic riot for some other time? There's a man waiting to see you."
Bodie held off the girl with one big hand. "What man?"
"Important man," Doyle replied.

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