ali15son (ali15son) wrote,

Part 2

The young man who stood in the long corridor outside Cowley's office watched from the window as Cowley's car stopped in the courtyard below. He saw two men alight and momentarily wondered which was George Cowley, and then detected the slight limp and again wondered how a man so slight and wiry had acquired such a fierce reputation.
The two entered the corridor. The younger man was doing the talking.
"I know just the man you want, sir. Ex-mercenary, jungle fighter, S.A.S sergeant. His name's Bodie."
"Then get him."
The sergeant hesitated, "problem there, sir. He's not under orders any more, finished his tour last week. Demobbed."
Cowley fowned. "Well, at least get his address and let's talk to him"
The sergeant nodded and disappeared into a door marked Records.
Only then did Cowley become aware of the slim young man with a mop of curly hair who stood outside his door. Cowley stared at him. The young man perceptibly siffened to attention. "Doyle, sir" Cowley continued to stare at him. "Raymond Doyle, sir. Detective Constable., sent in an application, sir. To join C.I.5"
Cowley nodded vaguely, then opened his office door and called in to his secretary. "Run through the files. Need a man who can snorkel, maybe pot-holing experience, and when you've found him I'll....."
"I've done both , sir"
Cowley stopped and turned to look at the young man again.
Doyle nodded, "And scuba, sir, deep sea fishing"
"Fishing? With a harpoon?"
"Yes sir"
At this moment the sergeant stepped out into the corridor again holding a scrap of paper. "Located Bodie"
Cowley took the paper from him, frowned at it, and then at Doyle. "Doyle.?" Yes i recall your application now. Some kind of karate champion aren't you?"
"Met Division, sir"
"Hmm, the Met? They're a hard mob" Cowley suddenly thrust the scrap of paper into Doyle's hands. "Bring this man in, tell him we need his help."
"Sir!" Doyle was astonished.
"You're in C.I.5 now, lad." said Cowley, "and that is your first assignment. Bring Bodie in, i don't care how"

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