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The lads got a mention on Sunday night on a programne called "It was alright in the 1970's" which looks at what wouldn't be shown on today's tv and what would be allowed back then. This weeks theme was sexism and certain celebs give their view on the scene being played out before them, this is what was said about this scene

"Enter the professionals with tough guy government agents Bodie and Doyle" then the scene cuts to our lads talking whilst knelt down behind the car and then the celeb gives his view " oh my god no". "she actually does have a hand grenade down her bra"
"in this 1978 episode Bodie slaps a terrified Pamela Stephenson out of harms way, undressess her to safety then galliantly shields her from the blast" celeb then says "he even concocts an excuse to jump on top of her whilst ripping her clothes off and throwing the bomb into the bin" "is she going to be grateful and those glasses are fantastic" the celeb ends with " i mean what we get here is pretty extraordinary, it's an exploitation of a film makers dream, violence, sex and an explosion and all somehow brought together in the same dramatic moment, full marks to them for ticking all of those boxes, actually what i think emerges most from tv of this period is the utterly casual sexism that is never the issue but is always the background buzz of the culture"

"so while sexism was in the background, sex itself was front and centre"

The celeb viewing this was Matthew Sweet, a journalist and viewer in the 70's.
At this present time there seems to be a lot of new facebook groups springing up and for the record i am not on facebook but that doesn't stop me seeing what's being posted. Having spoken to people here on lj and over on tumblr it seems there are certain people who think nothing of stealing other people's work without any credit to the artist involved and certainly without any permission. I like many others have had my work posted (especially on the Lewis Collins tribute page) by the likes of Julie Ann Smith, Wendy Nicholson Nergaard and Christian Davies who think nothing of posting anything they can get their hands on. I know my own screencaps and artwork and while there may not be anything that can be done about this i would like them to know that a bit of courtesy about crediting goes a long way or even asking permission first, it's amazing how many people like a certain person's work especially when it shouldn't be up there in the first place.

PARTY ON !!!!!!

what a night....YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE (and thinking of you Lew)

Birthday rememberance


You watched The Professionals for the hooligan driving of the pouting duo, Bodie and Doyle. Their tools were Ford's Escort RS2000 and Capri 3.0s. Now that the Capri is wearing a shirt and tie and calling itself a Probe, would Bodie be seen sideways in it ?

Lewis Collins, who played Bodie during the four years of filming thinks not."How would it look with a few boot imprints in the bonnet?" he demands. "it's too good for an action knock about car" and he should know, Collins didn't rely on stunt drivers. Infact the only time he wasn't behind the Capri's wheel was when the villains shot out the windscreen.

A 900cc Ducati motorbike is Lewis's prefered wheels, but that didn't stop him going for a spin (not literally) in the Probe. This exercises my private pilots Licence more than the Capri. It feels like i'm flying a fighter plane and the seat's going to eject. That would make a nice shot for the series !"

Does Collins think the airbags too sensible. "Not at my age, but the thing would be popping off all the time in the series -the amount of things we used to hit". The Probes front-wheel drive wouldn't be a problem. "slide it round and power off and you'd be alright" he says gruffly..

Like Ford, Collins sees a different role for the new Capri. In his vision for a Professionals '94' Bodie steps into Cowley's shoes as mentor for two new reckless disciples. And he'd drive the new Probe as it "carries the flavour of executive action man". He's put the idea to LWT which produced the original series. They're not interested.

Think again LWT- We'll even give you the direct line of Ford's product placement man. "i'd be happy if Ford gave me a Probe for my entire life" says Lewis.

All quotes come from Lewis.

Having made two images using the same technique it's only fair that i post both....please feel free to pass me by.



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