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Nov. 13th, 2018

Having decided (what with The Circuit Archive being as it is) that i have the stories that i read the most backed up but there is one title that i am unsure of and i wondered if anyone can help. I will try to jog your memory (i hope i get this right) The story starts with Bodie about to leave the country (there is someone on his trail) and he thinks about taking a ticket to Cairo but rips the ticket up, he then ends up in a place in the middle of nowhere with his enemy closing in. He gets shot in the side and it's up to Doyle to find him which he does eventually but they then find themselves having to hide out in the woods as the enemy is still close behind. Doyle leaves Bodie on a ridge as bait while he takes out the bad guy. Does this ring a bell with anyone and does anyone have a title PLEASE.


1:- i simply can't get enough of *faints*
7:- i simply can't get enough of
8:- i simply can't get enough of

Nov. 7th, 2018



Lewis and Martin, *sighs*, What more could you wish for.