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Feel free to ignore me ...i felt the need for some Friday night therapy which led to creating this image .

I love these little insights


"We respect the old so and so. We have to! He should be able to wipe the two of us off the map single-handed with his leg nailed to the floor. You're bound to have tremendous respect for someone who can go in there and do anything you can do...and then some more."


"I look upon George Cowley with a sort of angry affection. He's the real villain to us! we like him because We've no illusions about him we"re entirely expendable. It's just a job. None of us have any illusions about each other at all. We can't have."


Because i have had a huge filling today, i'm talking HUGE filling and because my mouth feels like the inside of a metal pipe,also because i was sat in that dentist chair nearly half an hour and how i kept wishing that there was a tv screen i could be watching showing The Professionals while having this filling done so then my next option was to think Bodie thoughts and i haven't eaten anything but tomato soup all day and now i'm feeling miserable and sore ...so yeah a dose of Bodie is just what the doctor (or should that be dentist) ordered.